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I do, I LOVE Thursdays!

Two reasons:
1. My second favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, which of course lands on a Thursday every year :). I love Thanksgiving; the cooking, decorations, and craziness/laughter that always occurs when my family gets together and cooks. But most of all, it means I get my Christmas tree the next day and I can start my 1 month celebration of my ultimate FAVE holiday.


Side bar…. I’m a Christmas freak. If the North Pole really had elves, reindeers, and Santa. I’d live there, happy all the livelong day. Listing to Christmas music, and baking my “crack” cookies.


Now back to the #2 reason I love Thursdays. My local paper publishes a section called “Tropical Life”. Where they talk about this and that, and RECIPES!!!!! they publish recipes from restaurants and readers request. Oh I have a couple of tropical life sections at home.

Today sadly, I didn’t score :( the recipes weren’t anything that interests me. They had Mango Gazpacho. I know I’ve been in a mango craze lately, but Gazpacho. I think my dad would hide all the mangos if he found out I planned on making a soup out of them. Don’t get me wrong, not saying it may not taste good. Not knocking you if you like it, it’s just not for me.

You may say that about my post later tonight: Beer battered tilapia pizza. But I can tell you it was great!