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Oh yes, chocolate butter :) i thought if we have white chocolate buttercream couldn’t i just make white chocolate butter. Of course, adding a mango since i have them at arms reach and they are so delicious.  This butter will be melting over french toasts tomorrow!!


2 sticks unsalted sweet cream butter

4 oz white chocolate bar

1 medium ripe mango

Go grab that butter ! make sure butter is at room temperature . Whisk butter until small peaks form (5 min) you can use a mixer if you have one or a whisk, a bowl and a little elbow grease will do.

Oh mango…. slice your mango into small cubes.  Then take a break and eat the remaining mango meat on the seed you couldn’t get with the knife. Go ahead, i’ll still be here (ps. i did the same)


Time to melt that white chocolate :) my chocolate was melted in the microwave.  easy peasy! just make sure to whisk the melted chocolate to ensure no chunks  remain. The chocolate should be room temperature before adding to the butter. Don’t add the chocolate hot, you’ll end up with a melted butter mixture.


now mix that beautiful chocolate and butter  :) may they live happily ever after.

grab a small dish and cover with shrink wrap, leave some extra shrink wrap to cover the butter .  Add butter and fold the shrink wrap over the top of the butter.  You can tap down your dish over a kitchen towel to remove some air bubbles.


OR you can make a butter ball :) i had some extra butter that didn’t fit in my dish. For this just grab some shrink wrap, place the butter in the center and twist until a ball forms. Cover with aluminum foil to retain the shape.

Now let’s give our white chocolate mango butter some time alone in the fridge to get to know each other.


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