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Got Gnocchi Di Patate? those yummy italian potato mini dumplings.

With 1/2 a container of ricotta cheese, and Gnocchi… i started thinking what can i make. Well, whats better than pasta? Marinara- check, mozzarella-check. So i looked for other items to add since none of my ingredients were made from scratch :( i wanted some veggies that added extra flavor and a homemade touch. Semi- home made by Confessions of a recipe junkie.


17 oz packet of Gnocchi

1 cup marinara sauce

1 lb of ricotta cheese (i happened to have part skim)

1 large carrot

1/2 medium white onion

3 small garlic cloves

Fresh mozzarella

1 cup chopped white button mushrooms

olive oil

Preheat oven at 400.

Begin chopping the carrot into small cubes. Chop 1/2 onion, garlic, and button mushrooms.

Cook Gnocchi as instructed in package. Mine called for boiling salt water (i used about 1 tbs sea salt), once boiling add the Gnocchi and cook for 1 minute. Gently, once i added them to the water i stirred it once. Drain and let cool once cooked.

Using the same pot (without water) add olive oil to coat the pot. In low heat (to not over cook the garlic) cook carrot, onions, and garlic until the onions are translucent. Add mushrooms and cook for another 5 minutes.

Ready to mix :) Grab 2 mid size baking dishes. Add Gnocchi, veggie mix, 1/2 riccotta cheese, marinara, and place a few slices of fresh mozzarella. Repeat for the second baking dish.

Insert to oven and bake until mozzarella is melted. I broiled it for a few minutes to toast the mozzarella.

Remove from oven and enjoy! Got some meatballs hanging around, add as a side :)

© confessions of a recipe junkie | michelle contreras