I conquered Mt. Fuji at Naan Sushi in The Shops at Legacy, Plano TX. The shops were recommended by another person we knew who lived here for a few years. Very cute outdoor shopping with restaurants and a theater.

The atmosphere at Naan seemed more of a sports bar than sushi restaurant. Maybe it was because the Rangers where playing against the Marlins. All the tv’s where tuned on to the game.

Either-way we ordered. We started with dumplings, pan seared. They were more like pot stickers and so delish. It came with 6 dumplings, 3 were gone by the time I realized I forgot to take a picture of them :)

For our rolls, I got Mt.Fuji which was fried shrimp, avocado, and cream cheese topped with shredded crab. My date ordered the SMU: crab roll with spicy sauce and eel sauce. He also ordered the rainbow roll: an assortment of sashimi rolls with cucumber (hold the avocado, my date don’t like ’em).




This was a great way to end our trip in Texas. Nice shops, atmosphere and food.

Till later Texas! Thanks for the hospitality.