The Salt Lick “you can smell our pits from miles away”


Today we are driving to Dallas. We made a pit stop at The Salt Lick, Round Rock TX. This is one of their 3 locations. The original is in Driftwood, TX. Another great restaurant featured in man vs. food. We ordered their 3 meats plate. Mine: pork ribs, brisket, and turkey. His: double pork ribs and sausage.


YUMMERS!!! The turkey was juicy, juicy, juicy. Brisket nice and tender. The sausage, oh the sausage… deliciously smoked. And the ribs… Yum!! The slaw was vinegar based vs mayo. Their pinto beans also had a smoked flavor. Everything was great!!

Dessert… A slice of pecan pie a la mode :)


We were eager to dig in! I love pecan pie but this one threw me for a loop. The usual gooey pecan sugary filling wasn’t there. The filling was firm, kind of like sweet potato texture. I sat there wondering if they mixed in some sweet potatoes. It wasn’t sweet, but wasn’t unsweetened. The ice cream was a great pairing for this pie. I never had pecan pie a la mode. Will definitely be trying this at home :)

The pie, sweet tea and BBQ made it down my tummy safely. Tonight we will try sushi in Dallas…wish us well.