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The Alamo

Today we visited The Alamo. Beautiful buildings, got some great photos. History is fascinating and builds an appetite!!


Afterwards, we walked to The Market Square. It was a long walk from The Alamo. When we arrived it was a cute mostly outdoor market place. Mexican theme you could say. We found a restaurant recommended by my cousins wife, a Texan. Oh was it good!


We entered at Mi Tierra (My Land). I was sold on the decor, beautifully decorated with a Mexican flare.


The ceiling covered with Mexican piñatas. Made me want to throw a Mexican theme party and cover my ceiling with them. Every corner of the restaurant was decorated. It felt like a Mexican Christmas.

We were seated and I ordered a margarita. Drank it before I realized I forgot to take a picture of it….


Here lies my margarita… May it rest in peace in my tummy :) it was so good I wanted one to go!

Now the meat and potatoes!! I ordered chicken enchiladas in mole. I’ve always been curious about mole sauce. This is one recipe I want to learn to make at home.


I devoured my plate. Literally!!


The mole sauce was delish!! It had a slight kick to it, not too spicy. It was great!!

Dessert you say? Oh but of course! Im on vacation, i’ll make room. Tres leche please.


Oh yum! The cake was soft and moist from the 3 milks in the sauce. Whole milk, evaporated milk, and condensed. This is another recipe I need to perfect. The whipped cream and fruit topping were great with each bite.

Now to walk it off!! Lol! Had to head back to our hotel. And with a full tummy, it was a no fun task. Shower, relax and prepare for a rodeo tonight :)