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Yes sir!! You read right….it’s a 3 lb cinnamon bun!!! And it was breakfast :)
It was shared between 3 kids and 3 adults. I can’t handle all that by myself.

Just left Lulu’s Cafe in San Antonio, came here just for the cinnamon bun. Now this is a recipe I want to perfect, cinnamon buns. But not 3 lbs worth of one :)

The bun at Lulu’s was…okay. It was dry on the outer ins, if you know what I mean. The center was the best part, nice cinnamon sugar center, but I still found the dough to be dry. The sugar glaze was hard when we received it. Not sure if this was all because it wasn’t warmed up all the way. Around the table there was chorizo and egg soft tacos, those were good.

Let’s see what the rest of this trip brings. Right now I’m too stuffed to think of lunch. :)