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Mangos, mangos, everywhere!!!!! There are mangos in the pantry, on the counter, dining room table, in a bucket in the computer room, and falling from the sky! Yes!! Falling! They are too high to reach and so nature must let them go when they are ripe. Those things can kill a dog! Well…. At least one of mine.

Imagine my poor chihuahua just minding it’s business thinking “where shall I mark my spot today?”. When suddenly…KA-BAMB! A mango falls from the sky. Oh the horror…. :( luckily this morning the mango and dog survived. Amen.

So now I’m on the quest to gather recipes for these delicious mangos. I love eating them just as they are. Pure delight! But I want to venture out of my norm. Got any recipes I should try?? Give me your comments and I’ll add them to my list :)