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A packing girls’ gotta eat right! Here’s another hand me down from my mother and, well, my country. I am from the Dominican Republic, born and raised till 9 years old. This is one of my favorites! We call it “repollo” it’s pretty much slaw minus all the dressings. Just cabbage, vinegar, olive oil, and salt. But oh so refreshing and crisp!!! This is our “salad”, a perfect side dish for a plate of rice and beans :)




1 head of cabbage
1 very sharp knife :)
Olive oil

Now I had already used this cabbage for Dominican slaw last week. If you have a full head of cabbage start by removing the first few layers of leaves. All the darker green leaves or lose leaves should be removed. Once you get to the tighter wrapped leaves, usually a very light green, you are good to go.

Cut off a part of the cabbage so it’s straight edge on the top. Pretty much remove part of the top so the cabbage can be placed flat on your cutting board. Similar to my photo, yours will just look smaller since you haven’t cut the cabbage before. (hope this makes sense)


Now the key skill to making this dish is thinly sliced cabbage pieces. Grabbing the knife at the edge right before the handle has made it easier for me to cut the cabbage thinner.


With one hand grasp the end of the cabbage (part with the stub) and keep it still. What you will move is your knife. Just barely place it on the cabbage and slice down. This should produce almost paper thin slices. Continue slicing until you have the amount of cabbage you’d like.



Don’t get upset if some slices come out thicker than others. This took me some practice to get them thin. You Go! if you are able to do it the first time :)

Rinse the sliced cabbage and place in a bowl. For the dressing use about 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of oil, and a pinch of salt, per cup of cabbage. NOW: listen here… Dress the “slaw” when ready to serve. Just a few minutes shy of hitting someone’s plate. Reason is the vinegar will wilt the cabbage. So if you dress it and let it sit for too long it wont be crunchy. Also, don’t refrigerate left over “slaw”. We usually make batches as it goes :)

Hope you enjoy! It’s great with fish or meat for a quick easy meal.