Shrimp w/Molasses & Rice


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I’ve got you intrigued, huh, molasses shrimp? what?? As i drove home Thursday, I thought of dinner, a working girl dinner was in my mind.  It was just one of those days (i’ve had them recently) that i just wanted something quick and simple.  My feet were hurting from work all day… cute shoes always hurt. darn you cute shoes!!!! kicking my shoes off under my desk didn’t help much. So with sore feet i headed straight home, and searched my fridge for ingredients.

Chicken breast….. ugh again, no. Tilapia…..maybe. Skrimps!!! yes, Skrimps, Skrimps for dinner! (Skrimps?? what are skrimps you say, Shrimps my dear grasshopper, Shrimps). Okay, my side dish…. umm white rice. Oh yeah, yummy, fluffy, tasty white rice.  But stove top cooked white rice, my dear junkies.  My no likey, rice cookers. Don’t worry it’s not hard, i promise. And maybe a bit of molasses on the skrimps, gasp. Did i fall and bump my head?? did my mom drop me when i was little and the affects are coming out now?? Or am i just plain losing it and tempting the cooking gods.

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